A Thank You from the Murderesses and I

I've absolutely loved learning about the lives of these dynamic women. Women who've been thwarted in love, betrayed, impoverished and who were dead-set on changing the course of their lives, even when it meant ending the lives of others. They were all complex, passionate and each was utterly her own person.

I've laughed and cried and bled as I worked on them and they whispered their lives to me. I've invoked their names and sewn their stories into their bodies with my hands. Intimate and wondrous and grateful. They've given so much to be manifest here.

Thank you for reading about them, and for saying their names. For giving them the gift of your curiosity. They always deserved more than they got. More resources, more care, more respect, and it fills me with gratitude to know they've found these gifts in you.

I hope that if you gave a home to one of these ladies, and offered her a safe place to rest, that she will reward you with companionship for many years. Just don't drink her tea, or accept any chocolates.

Big love and gratitude,

Flo, Madeleine, Belle, Gesche, Grace, Mary Ann, Lizzie, Christiana and Hélène

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