Commission A Poppet

Interested in commissioning a Poppet of your own? 

I am currently only accepting full sized Mourning Poppet Commissions. If you would like to request special materials or items which may cost more than my budget, I'll contact you for approval of the additional expense Before I make any purchase.

Please email with the following information...

What are your preferences? Feel free to look at my Poppet Gallery here or @flomademourning on Instagram for all of the Poppets I've made. While I'm happy to make you a Poppet I've made before I won't recreate past outfits and hair, preferring to make your Poppet entirely unique!

What is your time frame?

Is she a gift? I will need 3 weeks lead time on completion, depending on where you fall in the queue.

Special Requests?

Would you like me to use your fabric/notions? Something sentimental to represent your loved one?

Contact Information. 

You can email, text or call me. I will communicate with you through the process so that you get to make decisions and give input.

I love commissions, and I will always be clear and direct about what I can accomplish for you.

 I require a 1/2 down deposit and the second payment before shipment. This can be broken into three payments, with 1/2 down and the second 1/2 broken into two payments. You can find a listing for your down payment in the Available Now section of the shop!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! I love challenges, and am always happy to learn new things in order to make your Poppet something you'll treasure.