The Cotège Collection

I recently asked you, dear hearts, to describe your grief. To use just one word that captures its keenest embodiment in you. Your responses are at the heart of this, the Cortège Collection. Because what are we if not a 'Gathering of Mourners'? 

I'm so grateful for your answers, and am honored to introduce to you

Ache, Memory/Forgetting, Despair, Loneliness, Pining, Cycling/Fluctuating, Melancholy, Constancy, Anger, Weeping, Weightiness and Absence.

These Poppets are made to embody your emotions. Your experience of grieving. Many of them have elements of 'Half-Mourning' in her clothing. In the Victorian Era, Mourning was observed for a year. Half Mourning lasted another 6 months. I wanted these Mourners to be a reminder that Grief lasts beyond the period of Mourning the people around us are comfortable with. Grief lasts as long as love lasts.

 These Poppets will be available as a part of the Mortals' Market, which is a virtual marketplace that celebrates the diversity and artistry in and around the death positive movement. 

 Presented by the Order of the Good Death and hosted by Meagan Meli and Louise Hung, the Mortals’ Market brings together a carefully curated group of artists whose creativity, activism, and vision enrich the conversations around death.

The Mortals’ Market will take place exclusively at September 18th and 19th, 2021. 12pm to 6pm EST. 

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