About Mourning Poppets

As a Mortal, I know that I will die. We all will. And as long as we live, we will likely experience the deaths of people that we love. Even as someone who identifies as death positive, this is a lot to make peace with. These deaths after all, will carry Grief with them. Grief is defined as embodying the emotions we experience after a death (or, in the case of anticipatory grief, before). But if you have Grieved, you understand how much that embodiment means. How lonely and painful grief is. I talk a lot about Mourning, which is the expression of Grief, and includes the acts we engage in while Grieving. Mourning for you may mean wearing Mourning jewelry that contains a lock of their hair, or creating a ritual around remembering your ancestors. It may look like writing to your dead loved one, or creating a shrine of things they loved.

I create Mourning Poppets as expressions of Grief. Each one of them has a handwritten quote on their bodies about Grieving. They are dressed in the style of Victorian Era Mourning. I don't embroider faces on them because I want them to reflect the contrast between the way that Mourning looks, and the way that Grieving feels, as one is external and one resides within. Also, when Grieving, many people experience pressure to look or act a certain way. By leaving your Mourning Poppet without an expression, she is allowed to reflect the changeability of your emotions.

You may want to own a Mourning Poppet because she embodies a small reflection of your Grief. Or because she reminds you of your ancestors who loved and lived and died so long ago. Or because she is an homage to your mother, or sister, your spouse or friend. All lovely reasons to own a Mourning Poppet.

You may be drawn to a Mourning Poppet even if you have not yet experienced Grief. Because you know that it is as inevitable an experience as dying will be. Or because you embrace the facts that death and mourning are natural parts of life. Or because you find them, in their Victorian finery, to be exquisite representations of your own aesthetic. All of these are also perfectly valid reasons to own a Mourning Poppet.

I want these Poppets to be a way for you to honor your Mourning, and to own your Mourning. I want your Mourning Poppet to be a beautiful reflection of the love you feel, the loss you carry, and the loved one you long for.

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