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From start to finish, Flo was incredible. She puts her whole heart into everything she creates. Joie is simply exquisite. I held her and was finally able to let the tears of grief come. Thank you again, Flo. I love Joie so much.

Cari S.

I can't stop marvelling over my custom doll's delicacy and beauty. But what made this truly special was Flo. Her interest in my loved one, her engagement, openness and her encouragement in my involvement made this a very emotional experience. I love my Mourning Doll in a way I didn't imagine I would, in part because Flo makes magic. With her hands and her heart.


Effie arrived and I don't think I could love her more. She's perfect. You worked magic with the antique silk.You were able to capture her essence in the most incredible way. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Jennifer L

I just opened Prudence and she is perfect. The details in her dress and hair are beautiful. She is amazing and I am glad she is here. 


I can't say enough about how beautiful and special this doll is. I was so excited to finally lay eyes on Gunnhild! The details are simply lovely.

Jennifer V.

My Mourning Doll is meticulously created, exquisitely fashioned and one of a kind! The care and passion tht Flo has for her creations makes my doll a true wonder and delight and absolutely priceless in my eyes!

Donna H.

Shuah goes beyond my expectations! I loved how her clothing was carefully put together, as well as her hair, it was just magical. The quote that comes with the doll makes it all the more special! Overall, she's amazing>

Leyla W.

My Mourning Doll arrived and she is more lovely than I could have hoped! You've created a wonderful work of art.


I was lucky enough to be able to commission a Mourning Doll a few months ago. The process of making the doll, sharing my story and grief was a comfortable experience. Flo was patient and understanding, and was able to create the perfect doll for me.

Caitlyn H.

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