Anatomy of Grief Shadowbox

The heart of the Cortege Collection resides in the complexity of Grief. I chose the words of 12 Mourners to create this Shadowbox, as well as the Poppets in the Collection.

This Anatomy Of Grief Shadowbox holds wee representations of each of the 12 emotions I've featured in the collection.

Cycling/Fluctuation is represented by the cycles of the moon. Our emotions wax and wane, moving through us again and again over time.

Anger is a box of flames, raging through us as we contemplate the injustice of our loss.

Despair is defined as the absence of hope. It is represented by a dove, which is presented upside down like a tarot card in reverse and its gleaming perfection is further marred by darkness.

Loneliness is represented by a solitary bench in a black expanse.

Weightiness is represented by an anvil.

Weeping is a vial of tears atop a wee antique linen hankie.

Memory/Forgetting is a photo album, which holds the precious images of our loves, unchanged by time, reminding us of the small details we forget.

Melancholy is represented by a single purple Hyacinth.

Pining is the small photo pendant which holds our beloved close, allowing us to look at it and touch it as we are pulled, again and again by our longing for them.

Constancy is represented by a watch face with no hands.

Absence is an empty frame, bereft of its inhabitant.

And Ache is an empty hand, palm up and slightly opened, wrapped in the red threads of our heart.

This piece will be available to Mortals' Market Mausoleum ticket holders on 9/17.

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