Caged Mourner Piece

Mourning was once observed with such rigidity that one had no option but to comply with its rules. There were booklets dedicated to the subtleties of how to dress, how to make social calls, where one could and could not go and what activities were deemed appropriate.

I imagine how caged one would feel, simultaneously trapped in their Mourning, and put on display by it. There was no escaping the casual observer as you passed them by in deep Mourning. A veil being the only privacy you could take comfort in as you moved about in the world.

Here is a Mourner, caged. She sprouts wings that cannot lift her and bear her away from her Grief. She stands on a pedestal, either in or out of her antique wood and wire cage. Her antique silk bodice is hand sewn and is embellished with trim and hand beaded with antique black faceted beads. Her wings are made of black and green iridescent feathers which have been hand sewn to her shoulders and back and embellished with crochet lace trim. Her skirt is antique silk with trim at the waist and the hem is trimmed in soft black feathers. Her hair is blue-black wool, partially covered with a lace veil, which is held in place with an antique 'mourning pin'.

This piece will be available to Mortals' Market Mausoleum ticket holders on 9/17.

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